Open-Source Storage
Made Easy

Up and running in 1 minute

Build your own reliable storage using commodity
servers and get better reliability and performance
than a costly hardware appliance.

Downloaded by 264009 users as of 29 August 2015.

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SX Cluster takes the complexity out of storage, so that
you can focus on the things that you like to do.

Your files are protected from node failures and always
available, you don't have to worry about the safety
of your data anymore.

Need more space and speed?
Add more nodes, SX Cluster will rebalance the data
across all nodes automatically.

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Depending on your use case, you have many options:

SXDrive: your files are safely stored in SX Cluster and continuously synchronized across all your PCs (Windows, OS X, Linux), mobile devices (iOS, Android) and web browser.

API: interface with our S3 API, fully compatible with AWS, or with the SX API, featuring client-side deduplication and parallel transfers.

UNIX tools: use our powerful command line tools (sxls, sxcp, sxcat,
sxrm, ...) interactively or from your scripts.

Use Cases


  • Glow Logo We are using Skylable Sx as the storage backend for our Continuos Integration / Continuos Delivery system, based on Docker. We generate thousands of new Docker images every month for development and production use and we like to keep them around for future reference. Uploading these images to a public cloud is slow and also poses some security risks so we decided to deploy our own Docker registry and plug it into Skylable Sx.

    Adam McGrath, CTO, Glow Digital Media, London based PMD of Facebook

  • Our wiki platform has 1.5 million users and hosts more than 22 million web pages. Every day our wikis are edited 13.000 times. We wanted a fast way to store and retrieve our backups. We tried Skylable and we were impressed by the reliability of the software and by the increase in transfer speed.

    Michał Frąckowiak, CEO of Wikidot

  • We deployed a Skylable cluster in the datacenter near our startup accelerator and started offering 100GB of free cloud storage to every person taking part to our accelerator program. The users are using SXDrive to synchronize their work from their laptops and mobiles. They feel safe to know that they can still access their files anytime, even in case of disk failure.

    Łukasz Ozimek, Managing Director of startup accelerator

  • “Skylable Sx is exactly what we needed for our world-class organization. We managed to easily share our data among more than 20 of our sales branches and representative offices all over the world. We achieved this in a record timing and well aware that all data is safely stored in our private cloud, which was the most challenging and critical objective for us.”

    Stefano Cugno, Operations Director of RKB Bearing Industries Group

  • We started using Skylable Sx and LibreS3 for our services after doing extensive benchmarks on our HPC cluster a large Italian research center focused on the development of systems for naval defence and security. We were impressed by the performance and reliability and we started promoting the use of Skylable Sx also to our strategic partners.

    Davide Marini, Product Manager of DLTM consortium