Open-source storage
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Build your own S3 and Swift compatible object-storage using commodity servers. Access your files wherever you are using desktop and mobile clients. Increase security and performance, reduce costs.

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Easy to use

Easy to use

Fire and forget! The interactive setup walks you through the initial configuration, then the cluster takes care of itself.

High availability

High availability

Your data is replicated across multiple nodes and data centers and gets automatically reallocated in case of node failure.

S3 Compatible

S3 compatible

Set yourself free from Amazon S3 and enjoy all the benefits of SX Cluster: open-source, secure, fast, and scalable.

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Open Source

Open source

Free for everyone, no restrictions on size, number of nodes and features. Ideal for trials, PoCs and low-budget projects.



Advanced management interface, performance improvements, LDAP integration and commercial support.


Use cases

Use Cases

Object-storage has been traditionally used for backups and long-term archiving.

Enterprises are now moving past the realm of backups and finding new use cases:

  • Object storage for cloud apps
  • Multi-site OpenStack deployments
  • Eventually consistent filesystem
  • File Sync and Share
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